With more than 32 years of experience, as a leading consulting homoeopath, Dr. Safi, has a tremendous success ratio in treating leucoderma / Vitiligo / White Spots / white patches on skin.

In Dr. Safi’s words… “In the light of my personal experience leucoderma/vitiligo is curable, if the treatment is purely based on classical homoeopathy i.e. medicine selected is based on individualization of each patient. In the last 32 years I have successfully treated patients in multiples of hundred in Bhopal/out of Bhopal together with abroad. I have cured patients of age ranging from 3 months infant to 75 yrs old. It does not matter whether disease is new or chronic, localized or spread.
It is 20 yrs back when a lady, wife of my friend Martin, came to me with chronic vitiligo spread on her body . She was a poor lady and was not concerned with her skin discoloration, but she complained me that whenever she stands in que for filling water from municipal tape in sun heat , her skin had burning pain. She requested me to get her rid of her skin burning sensation. After taking all her complaints in consideration, she was prescribed sulphur 30. Within a months time the natural color of skin of her face reappeared with total relief in skin burning. She took her treatment for three months and improvement went on gradually.

Influenced by the recovery of the above case, a girl aged 20 yrs who was also the daughter of one of my friends and a neighbour of Mrs. Martin, came to me for the treatment of white discoloration (vitiligo) of her face under the eyes. She was given treatment based on pure homoeopathy. She got her white spots cured and the natural skin colour reappeared within three months of the treatment. These two cases described above filled me with confidence and encouraged me to come forward for leucoderma treatment . Till today thousands of leucoderma/vitiligo/skin white spots cases have been treated by me successfully without applying any external ointment, oil or any other external medicine.