Patients should understand that discolouration of skin is the result of internal illness. The cause is inside of the body and external discolouration of the skin is its manifestation only. It is quite necessary to eradicate the internal cause by internal medication. External applications or exposures to skin is not the solution of the problem.

A true Homoeopath can easily understand the internal sickness as well the factors responsible for the sickness. While selecting the medicine for individual,  genetical, mental, emotional,personal and social aspects play very important role. Consideration is also given to past history of other illness and its treatment,  treatments already taken for white patches and its results thereof.

Together with taking prescribed medicine precautions given ahead also to be adopted strictly.

  • Don’t use any other internal or external medicine.
  • Avoid soaps, cosmetics, chemicals and friction over skin.
  • In case of need us glycerine based soaps only.
  • Don’t touch medicines and clean mouth before taking medicines.
  • Don’t eat or drink 5 mints before and 5 mints after of taking medicines.