This is a common question from patients suffering from leucoderma/vitiligo/safed dag/white patches that how much time will it take to confirm that medicines taken for cure to leucoderm/vitiligo/safed dag/white patches working . First of all we have to understand that leucoderma/vitiligo/safed dag/white patches appeared on skin is the manifestation of internal disease.  To cure  leucoderma/vitiligo/safed dag/white patches it is necessary to eradicate the cause thereof in the inner body.  The cause may be removed by understanding individual by his/her past and present in total i.e. mentally, physically, family health history, treatment taken in past etc.  As it takes a time for skin to come over surface which we see, so the recovery from disease will observed after one to two month of starting the prescribed medicine. It is to keep in mind that even slightest recovery is not being observed in one to two months after(oral medicines not external applications) treatment of  leucoderma/vitiligo/safed dag/white patches show that medicine is not working. In short internal medicines can cure leucoderma/vitiligo/safed dag/white patchesand their positive result starts in one to two months.  For more information contact no. 8871714432/9425006131