When vitiligo/leucoderma/white patches/safed dhabbe observed on skin.  First of all don’t come in stress but take it as like other diseases which are curable.  Like diseases where some precautions in life style and food is necessary in patient suffering from vitiligo/leucoderma/white patches/safed dhabbe same is here some foods are restricted such as foods enriched with vitamin C, foods containing preserver colors and synthetics.  Exposure to detergents, chemicals and friction to skin.  Allopathic medicines.  Application of any cream or tube is strictly restricted.  Cosmetics use is disallowed.  Don’t come under influence of advertisement claiming immediate control and disappearance of vitiligo/leucoderma/white patches/safed dhabbe, because skin which we see takes time about a month or more to appear as surface. Keep in mind wrong treatment will not stop the appearance of new spots but due to ineffective medicine it will further spread.  Don’t make mind to manage vitiligo/leucoderma/white patches/safed dhabbe by hiding with the use of external applications, radiation or surgery.   Vitiligo/leucoderma/white patches/safed dhabbe is disease of whole of individual’s body, therefore go for treatment to cure by eradicating the cause from body by taking internal oral homoeopathic medicine.  Keep in mind right treatment shows its results in one to two months.  For more information contact 8871714432/9425006131.