Leucoderma/Vitiligo, speaking simply and in day to day common language is the skin condition where discoloration of skin appears in white spots/patches .White spots may be small or large, spreading or still, on any part of body, of male/female and at any age. Leucoderma does not create discomfort except in emotional and psychological well being . People with this disorder can experience emotional stress particularly if vitiligo develops on visible areas of the body.

Cause : The cause of vitiligo is unkown, but as far as my experience is concerned in the light of homoeopathic philosophy it is functional disturbance of body. This is a disease which has its roots deep inside body, in other words , an internal disorder.

Cure : In the light of my personal experience leucoderma/vitiligo is curable, if the treatment is purely based on classical homoeopathy i.e. medicine selected is based on individualization of each patient. In last 20 yrs I have successfully treated patients in multiples of hundred in Bhopal/out of Bhopal together with abroad. I have cured patients of age ranging from 3 months infant to 75 yrs old. It does not matter whether disease is new or chronic , localized or spread.

Results : After 10 to 20 days of starting the treatment, the appearance of new spots along with spreading of the older ones comes to stop. Vanishing of spots starts after wards in such an order that the spots which are latest disappear first and then the older ones. The spots where external ointments etc. have been applied take a longer time to vanish.

The true cure of leucoderma is one where spreading of old spots and appearance of new spots stop and disappearance of spots of leucoderma takes place with natural skin colour ( it is just like that when a car is to be taken reverse, it has to first stop and only then it may be reversed ).

What to do to patients:

  • Explain all small/big, recent /older problems with past history of disease( if any) to doctor.
  • Take medicine regularly.
  • Follow the advised precautions strictly.
  • Protect body from hard frictions and injuries.
  • Do not and again “do not” apply any external ointment, oil etc.. on leucoderma/vitiligo spots.
  • Be sure it is curable.


  • Leucoderma is incurable.
  • On having a homoeopathic treatment , white spots will first spread.

Truth : Truth is that without any side effects on patients, leucoderma/vitiligo is curable, if the treatment is based on individualization of each patient in the guidance of homoeopathic philosophy.